Adult: The adult moth is 12 mm in length and buff coloured at rest. During flight, the extended wings exhibit a silvery-brown appearance. The forewings have 3-4 dark spots.

Larva: The larva is 12 mm in length. It is a creamy coloured caterpillar that is hidden within a silken case.

The case is similar in colour to the material it is feeding upon. One ocellus is present. The larva of the Case-making Clothes moth spins a silken case around itself enlarging it as it grows. It does not emerge from its case, but rather carries it along as it feeds. It rarely does much damage in one spot. It is often associated with bird’s nests such as pigeons, starlings, and sparrows. When the larva is mature it pupates in its silken case. Adult moths usually emerge in two to three weeks and live for two to five weeks

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