Three types of clothes moths are found throughout Canada: The Webbing clothes moth, the Case-making clothes moth and the Tapestry or Carpet moth. The first two are surface feeders, whereas the Carpet moth tunnels in tapestries, carpets upholstery, and other heavy fabrics. The Webbing Clothes moth is the most common and the Carpet moth is rarely found. Moths are most likely to be seen fluttering weakly about in dim corners usually at night, especially in rooms with rugs tapestries, and other fabrics. Clothes moth larvae can be highly destructive to materials of animal origin such as woolens, furs, silk, feathers, and hair. The larvae can feed upon cotton, linen, and synthetic fabrics if they are contaminated by perspiration, urine, milk, beer, or fruit juice. Only the larvae of the moths are injurious to clothing.

Adult: Adult moth is up to 12 mm, buff coloured at rest, during flight the wings exhibit a silvery-brown appearance.

Case-making Clothes Moth (Tinea Pellionelia)

The adult moth is 12 mm in length and buff coloured at rest. The forewings have 3-4 dark spots.

Indian Meal Moth (Podia Interpunctella)

This moth has a wingspread of up to 20 mm. The hind wings are also light coloured.

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